Our mold-makers are highly skilled at creating molds that preserve and capture the original detail of your artwork.

Francisco making mold 1.jpg


Lost Wax Casting

We have 42 years experience casting artworks in bronze and stainless steel.



Metal Chasing

Our team of experienced metal chasers are highly regarding for their skills assembling and finishing sculptures, both large and small.


Our team of patineurs have many years of experience creating both traditional and contemporary patinas.  Being artists in their own right, they are able to work collaboratively with you to translate your artistic vision into beautiful bronze and stainless steel finishes.



Every day, we ship sculptures around the world using our injected foam packaging system or custom wood crating.  You can rest assured that your sculpture will arrive in the time and condition you expect.


Project Consultation

We've learned a lot working with sculptors, designers and art publishers over the past 42 years.  We're happy to share our ideas about successfully casting and distributing your artworks.



Our on-staff photographer is available to create professional images of your sculpture.


Digital Enlargement

We work closely with art partners doing digitally scanning, 3D printing and foam enlargements of sculptures.