Proud of our team!

Completion of a monumental sculpture is always the work of a dedicated team of talented professionals. Here is a photo of most of ours, gathered around the bronze horse sculpture we just completed. 


Installation of "The Lancer"

Today was installation day at California Baptist University in Riverside, California. After a 65-mile gallop down the highway, our bronze knight on horseback was lifted by crane onto its plinth outside the university's beautiful new stadium. 


Assembling the parts

We fit together all of the parts and tack-welded to begin forming the final shape of this monumental knight on horseback sculpture.



Spectacular bronze gates

We cast these bronze gates for artist Mary Brogger.  Installed in a Portland residence, they make a great statement!

Hard hats

When making bronzes over 18' high, hard hats are in order.  

"The Lancer" in assembly

The process of assembling this monumental bronze horse with rider takes several weeks.  It involves fitting numerous cast bronze panels together, shaping when necessary, welding and metal texturing.

It ain't always pretty

Inside the torso of our monumental equestrian sculpture, with some of the tools of our trade. It ain't always pretty getting to the beautiful final bronze.


New works by Ricky Swallow

We worked with Ricky Swallow during an intense period of several weeks to complete many new bronze sculptures for his opening at Maccarone in New York City.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 7.57.50 PM.png

Casting plant materials

We don't necessarily need to cast from wax. Here are some bronze castings in process that begin with organic plant materials.


New works by Ricky Swallow

We've been casting, metal chasing and patinating like crazy to keep up with contemporary artist Ricky Swallow's output of new works for his upcoming New York show.  Here are front and rear views of his Corner Study with Balls, directly cast from a wood original.

A very special gift

We were thrilled to be asked to cast this special bronze sculpture commemorating 75 years of Spiderman.  This unique casting was presented by Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger to Stan Lee, the founder of Marvel Comics.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 6.30.07 PM.png

The Lancer arrives!

Bringing in a section of the original art for this huge bronze sculpture of a knight on horseback we are casting for a California university. Exciting times! 


Consistency in finishing

Given the high degree of skilled hand work required to produce an edition of bronze sculptures,  one of the most difficult tasks is to deliver consistency.  We're very happy with the outcome on these "Soldier of Love" bronzes by artist Fabio Napoleoni.

Video game championship awards

We recently completed another group of awards for Blizzard Entertainment's 2016 BlizzCon event.

World of Warcraft champions' awards with a custom "fel" green finish.

World of Warcraft champions' awards with a custom "fel" green finish.

StarCraft champions' awards.

StarCraft champions' awards.

"Heroes of the Storm" champions award

"Heroes of the Storm" champions award

Overwatch League award

Overwatch League award