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  Ian Killips, President

Ian Killips, President

  Patrick Rees,   Art Fabrication

Patrick Rees, Art Fabrication

  Eduardo Ortiz, Operations Manager

Eduardo Ortiz, Operations Manager

  Francisco Gomez, Foreman

Francisco Gomez, Foreman

  Simon Kangiser, Master Patineur

Simon Kangiser, Master Patineur

  Phillip  Norkett, Office Manager

Phillip  Norkett, Office Manager

44 Years of Experience Working for You

We understand what sculptors and art publishers need in their art foundry:

– Skill in making molds that preserve the fine details of your original art
– Expertise in casting and finishing bronze and stainless steel
– Dependable performance meeting your delivery dates
– Prices that are reasonable for top quality work

Since 1974, Art Bronze has consistently delivered these for numerous artists and publishers. We do it all in a professional environment where we make it a point to treat you the way we would want to be treated.

This is why we’ve grown to become one of the largest fine art foundries in the United States.


Our People

Ian Killips, President

Ian developed his passion for fine art as a child in Toronto. He began acquiring his first artworks at age 12, using earnings from his paper route.

Recognizing his ability to combine a passion for art with his business acumen, Ian undertook a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Art History at Tufts University before completing an MBA at Harvard Business School in 1979. After his studies, Ian gained expertise across a range of commercial sectors. However, Ian was ultimately looking for an opportunity to combine his business talents with his passion for art.

This opportunity arose in 2004, when Ian was able to purchase a small, struggling foundry in Burbank, California.  Recognizing an untapped potential, Ian began to work with and assist a growing number of contemporary artists and designers, enabling them to realize their vision in fine bronze castings.

During the ensuing 12 years, Ian has immersed himself in all aspects of the lost wax casting process while always being on the lookout for opportunities to refine and innovate.

One of Ian’s great skills has been to recognize the talents and abilities of the people he works with.  This ability is reflected in Art Bronze’s loyal team of highly skilled artisans and art practitioners.

Over many years, Ian has worked tirelessly with this team of consummate professionals to build Art Bronze into one the foremost art foundries in the US, producing the finest bronze and stainless steel sculptures for leading national and international artists.

From its infancy to the present, many things have changed and developed at Art Bronze; yet Ian has always maintained an unrelenting pursuit of excellence, and the pride he takes in the work that leaves the foundry is reflected in the quality of the finished work itself. 


Patrick Rees, Art Fabrication

Before joining the team at Art Bronze in 2015, Patrick had worked extensively as a practicing artist and art fabricator.

He began his career in the arts almost two decades ago working in film and television in Sydney, Australia, before returning to university to obtain qualifications in fine art, physics and law.

Patrick worked for leading museums and art institutions as well for the university of South Australia. After graduating in studio art in 2011 from the University of South Australia, Patrick moved to Los Angeles to undertake an artist residency and to work in the vibrant art scene that was expanding throughout the city.

In early 2013, Patrick began work as a fabricator with a leading fine art bronze foundry and, for a number of years, worked closely with their highly-skilled team producing bronze sculptures for leading international artists.

In 2015, Patrick joined the team at Art Bronze; first, as a fabricator and now overseeing this function.  In this role, Patrick works closely with clients in the US and internationally to ensure that all aspects of their projects are successfully implemented and that the artist’s vision is fully realized in the finished work.

Using his rich experience in contemporary art, Patrick is leading the development of new ways in which Art Bronze can continue to expand and grow as a flagship for innovation and quality in fine-art bronze casting in the US and abroad.


Eduardo Ortiz, Operations Manager

Eduardo Ortiz joined the team at Art Bronze in 2011, while undertaking a BA (Animation) at Cal State Northridge.

Eduardo brought with him a strong background in metals and metalwork, having built his expertise in the rigors of industry and metal fabrication. 

Eduardo has combined this knowledge with his background in street art and fine art, having worked as an instructor for the Youth Policy Institute, channeling the energies of young people into art as a means of self-expression and empowerment.

As Operations Manager, Eduardo oversees multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring that all of the artists’ needs are met and each stage of the project is implemented with the same level of excellence, no matter how big or small. 

With fluency in Spanish and English, Eduardo promotes cohesion and a strong team environment that is high-functioning and able to deliver world-class sculptures of varying degrees of size and complexity to deadline and with an uncompromising level of quality that has become the trademark of Art Bronze. 




Francisco Gomez, Foreman

Francisco’s consummate talents and abilities have been honed over 30 years working in foundries in California.

At 15, Francisco came to the US and within a few short years he began work with a foundry in California.

Coming from generations of fine saddlers in Mexico, Francisco had an innate ability with his hands and an artistry and fine eye that could not be learnt.

As a young man in California he began to apply this natural ability, soon building a reputation as an artisan of astonishing precision and skill.

Over the years, Francisco trained himself in all aspects of the foundry process and soon established his own foundry with the skills and knowledge he had acquired.

In 2006, Francisco became part of the team at Art Bronze. Ian soon recognized Francisco’s obvious talents in fine metal artistry and promoted him to lead metal chaser, and Foreman. Francisco has become a cornerstone of the Art Bronze business.

Francisco has been an integral part of developing our reputation for quality and refinement. He takes great pride and pleasure in producing the finest work he can, and over the years he has worked closely with artists to help them realize their vision with clarity and precision.




Simon Kangiser, Master Patineur

Simon joined the Art Bronze team in 2011 as a patineur and soon rose to head up our finishing operations.












Phillip  Norkett, Office Manager